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Meet Jude - International Day for Street Children 2023

Read more about how Jude became one of the top performing students in Kenya!

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Transitional Graduation Day

11 boys graduated from our third Transitional Program!

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The Boy & Beyond

We believe Milele cannot fully help restore street youth without their families and communities. We want to help families heal and thrive.

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A Uniform That Provides Confidence

“I used to be treated like an animal but once I put on a uniform I was just a student.”

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4 Years of Transformation

We have been absolutely in awe of what God has done over the past 4 years at Milele.

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Transitional Graduation

In June, 9 former street youth graduated from our first ever Milele Transitional Program!

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Week One

Amidst the terrible news of immediate eviction, God quickly provided exactly what we needed.

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We've launched!

We have officially launched our newest program to restore and rehabilitate teenage street kids!

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Family Reintegration

Learn about our heart for family reintegration and why it is so important to us!

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