On March 1st, our staff eagerly welcomed 13 teens to our newest program. These 13 teenage boys had been selected and vetted over a month-long period. During that month they showed up every day to meet with our social workers, committed to limiting their drug use, and proved their desire and excitement to leave the streets forever.

The evening before picking them up would be their last evening sleeping on the streets!

We secured a rental location and planned the first week to be full of games, connecting with each other and the staff, adjusting to having authority figures, and detoxing off their use of drugs and glue.

Just hours after the new students arrived at our new rental property, the landlord informed our staff that we were no longer allowed to rent the space. The neighbors expressed anger and concern about the demographic of youth moving in. We were told we have two days to leave.

Our teams in Kenya and the US begged God to provide a new property in a matter of 48 hours.

The following day, Joel, Country Director, searched for 12 hours on foot to find a new place. He walked all day Tuesday looking for a property that was large enough to accompany nearly 20 people as well as a landlord who would approve of our mission.

Toward the end of the day Joel was exhausted and sat down in front of a gated property to take a break. A man came out from behind the gate and asked Joel why he was sitting there. Joel explained that he was simply resting from hours of walking around town looking for a new property.

The man said, “Are you serious? Come inside the gate. If you need a place this one is available.”

Are you kidding me? God you are so GOOD!

The entire Milele Transitional Program moved into the new property the following day. The property has 1 large house, and 2 small houses which is plenty of space for living quarters, offices, and classrooms.

Amidst the terrible news of immediate eviction, God quickly provided exactly what we needed. These former street teens are now safe and comfortable and beginning their process of healing and restoration.

There are so many ways we see the hand of God at work at Milele Home. Want to be a part of this new program? We are in need of monthly supporters through Team 180 or one-time supporters who will help us grow this program so that we can serve even more street youth! Join us today!