We are dedicated to helping the boys at Milele do more than thrive as they become dreamers and change-agents in their communities.  In order to do this work wholly, we serve beyond the boy and wrap around their families. Our social workers pursue restoration of relationships through individual and family counseling and consistent home visits before a child returns home. Our social workers further steward the mending of these families by continuing frequent visits after reintegration to ensure the home remains healthy and secure.

Compelled by the desire for the boys at Milele to be reconnected to healthy and secure families, we have been dreaming up a conference for their parents for the past year.

Last week this dream became a reality.

We hosted our very  first Family Strengthening Gathering. We encouraged families to show up with their son to learn about healthy communication, safety, and responsibility.

Our staff, boys, and parents all together worshiped. They sang praise for their renewed family. They lifted up their hopes for and commitment to a better future together.

After hearing a message from a local pastor and cheering on a performance from their boys, we created a safe space for learning. The Milele staff equipped the parents with skills and tools to enhance their parenting, communication, and safeguarding for each child.

The day ended with everyone breaking bread over stories, prayers, laughs, and a few tears. All of these families come from very different complex circumstances, but what they have in common is that what was once broken, they fervently desire to be forever restored. Our families gained guidance and tools yes, but most importantly they gained more family.

We hope to establish a tradition of at least two Family Strengthening Conferences each year. Each time with new lessons, topics, speakers, and encouragement. This way we can extend the conference to new families while providing value for veteran families. Which will continue to build our community of families deeper, stronger.

We believe Milele cannot fully help restore street youth without their families and communities. We want to help families heal and thrive.

This is why Milele serves the boy and beyond.

It only takes $2,500 each conference to empower families. This will become an increasingly more cost-effective way to impact multiple families and communities at once. Further, as we continue to invest in the families, the work we do at Milele with the boys will be that much more sustainable. Supporters can sponsor a conference outright or make their best gifts to support this effort. Reach out to info@milelehome.org to learn more.