On June, 9 former street youth graduated from our first ever Milele Transitional Program. Over the course of three months they participated in discipleship lessons, life skills courses, basic education classes, and detoxed from drugs! This program is intended for youth to successfully transition off the streets and into school or employment. All 9 students are a part of educational courses.

We celebrated the boys by throwing a large graduation party. They were celebrated by staff and the existing boys at Milele. People shared messages, poems, songs, and words of encouragement. It was a day to be remembered.

It was so amazing to see our boys graduating from the Transitional Program! They couldn't hide their joy as they confessed that they had never felt such love. They marveled that they were being celebrated; something they had never experienced since childhood. They were so encouraged and inspired to keep going after their dreams. Their hope for a brighter future was re-kindled and they couldn't hide their joy!  Margaret (Counseling Director)