We have been absolutely in awe of what God has done over the past 4 years at Milele.

We found that over 80% of boys living on the streets in Kenya were over the age of 15, but there were little to no resources for this group as current programs only focused on young children and often pushed out teenagers. Street youth have experienced severe trauma, years of substance abuse, and have a lower success rate of getting off the streets. While street children are often disregarded around the world, street youth are neglected, stigmatized, and feared. Four years ago, we knew we had to stand in this gap.

While education is extremely important, street youth need additional tools, behavioral adjustments, counseling, discipleship, and family reintegration.

For every program we have our aim is to provide holistic and sustainable change through which these young boys would be empowered to change their families and communities forever.

We have spent the last year and half refining our model and services to pursue our vision of a Kenya with fully and forever restored former street youth. And since January we’ve grown from 3 full time Kenyan staff members to 11!

Over the past 4 years you have helped...

Educate 34 young men

Provide over 100,000 meals for street kids who once never knew where their next meal was coming from.

Offer 30,000 nights of safety and a warm bed with kids who were once sleeping on cold concrete in extremely vulnerable situations.

Thank you for being a part of this life changing work!