“Milele is the best program bringing about real change.”

-Law enforcement officer working in Kitale for 20 years

11 boys graduated from our third Transitional Program!

This is our three-month residential program for youth on the streets to live in a safe home with loving house parents. During their first week they are first given their own bed, receive medical check-ups, learn house rules, and detox from glue. With newfound safety and security, they can begin to thrive in the restorative programs with certified social workers, counselors, and educators. They begin learning fundamental skills to re-enter school, vocational training, or apprenticeships.

On graduation day, the graduates expressed their joy through songs, poems, and dances. They were covered in prayer and encouragement by staff, previous graduates, and community leaders. The county director of education, children’s department, and law enforcement attended to acknowledge their partnership with Milele.

In the days following, the boys have reflected on what they have learned. While the boys learned basics in hygiene, grew through discipleship, and grasped fundamentals of school subjects, there were some other powerful themes in the takeaways they have shared:


Whether it is what they need to give or need to ask for, they feel empowered to heal broken relationships.

Conflict Resolution.

They now understand healthier ways to relate to their friends and loved ones.


They have come to discover and appreciate their identity in Christ. They have learned of their intrinsic value. They are not street boys, they are special boys.

Next week, some of the graduates will become students for the first time in years! They will put on school uniforms and their backpacks with so much pride.

We welcome prayers as they participate in placement interviews this week.

Milele staff knows the boys so deeply and understands the complex dynamics of each school in the community. They thoughtfully select schools and programs that align with the boys’ goals and complement their giftings.

Not every boy will enroll in school next week, but every boy has a plan of action in place and the support to succeed.