The Milele Model

Learn more about our model to achieve life-changing transformation in the lives of youth formerly living on the streets.

Milele aims to be a place of hope and safety. Our goal is to provide the space and the programs where a street youth can find personal and spiritual healing.


In Kitale, Kenya over 80% of the people living on the streets are over the age of 15. However, there are little to no services for this age group as they are disregarded by many. Milele fills this gap by specifically serving youth over the age of 15.

Street youth experience trauma, abuse, addiction, and more. Our outreach work consists of building relationships and trust with youth to find youth who are wanting services to get off the streets.



Transitional Program
The Transitional Program is our residential program that provides a safe and healthy place for youth to detox from drugs, receive counseling from loving adults, and enjoy healthy food and a warm bed. Once these basic survival needs are met, we begin helping them uncover their potential and prepare for the next step in their journey to independence.

We collaborate with law enforcement, the child welfare department, the adult education department, and street leaders to ensure a bright future for our graduates as they leave the Transitional Program and enter school or employment.



We focus on each individual, their needs, and their backgrounds to determine the best care plan for the teen. Whether that be vocational school, primary education, or higher education we seek to meet the individual's needs and talents to launch them into their future with purpose and confidence.

We are dedicated to helping each student find a path that aligns to their age and their passions.



Over 80% of children in orphanages have a living parent. Since research shows children do best in families, our social workers pursue restoration of these broken relationships through individual and family counseling and consistent home visits before a child returns home.

Our staff is steadfast in their efforts to reunite families. Our social workers conduct comprehensive home tracing, advocate on behalf of the boys, and provide ongoing counseling and support. They facilitate reconnection and healing through this patient and intentional process. The work of reunification is messy and difficult, but so important and powerful.


What We Provide

Milele aims to be a place of hope and safety. Our goal is to provide the space and the programs where a street youth can find personal and spiritual healing.

Safety & Food



Life Skills



See what transformation looks like


Jack is the world's best storyteller. He is kind, humble, and extremely hard working. Despite his background, Jack exudes joy and relentlessly pursues his friendships, education, and dreams. Everyone wants to be friends with Jack.


Samuel is a natural leader. When the others are in need of advice or direction, Samuel is who they look to. He humbly encourages and challenges others. He makes sure to look out for new students and take them under his wing. His broken family is being restored and healed day by day!


James' laugh is contagious and his physic experiments fill the house with awe. Even on holiday breaks Jude is studying until midnight. He inspires others to work hard in  school. You'll usually find him tinkering on new electrical projects or practicing flips in the yard.

*Names changed to protect the identities of each child

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