The Milele Model

Learn more about our model to achieve life-changing transformation in the lives of youths formerly living on the streets.

Transitional Program

The Transitional Program targets the most neglected demographic of street children, those deemed “too-far-gone." The program provides 12 weeks of holistic care, including food, life skills, therapy, career counseling, trauma care, and discipleship. This program is intended to prepare street youth to return to their families, begin school and/or start their careers. The transitional program serves as the first step in the healing and reconciliation process as teens express the desire to change their situation.

Life Skills Training
Family Tracing
Individualized Education
Social work

Temporary Stability

Whether it’s back home  with their bio-families, with one of our emergency foster families, or in our temporary apartments, each teen is removed from the streets as they continue the healing process and begin their education once again.

Bio - Family Home Placement
Emergency Foster Family Placement
Temporary Youth Apartment
Individualized education
Social Work


The teen has now been reintegrated or reconciled with their family. They  have once again become a contributing member of their community as they continue to heal. The process doesn’t end here though, social workers and counselors continue to work with the teen and their family to support their long term health.

Individulized education
Social Work

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What We Provide

Milele aims to be a place of hope and safety. Our goal is to provide the space and the programs where a street youth can find personal and spiritual healing.

Safety & Food



Life Skills



See what transformation looks like


Jack is the world's best storyteller. He is kind, humble, and extremely hard working. Despite his background, Jack exudes joy and relentlessly pursues his friendships, education, and dreams. Everyone wants to be friends with Jack.


Samuel is a natural leader. When the others are in need of advice or direction, Samuel is who they look to. He humbly encourages and challenges others. He makes sure to look out for new students and take them under his wing. His broken family is being restored and healed day by day!


James' laugh is contagious and his physic experiments fill the house with awe. Even on holiday breaks Jude is studying until midnight. He inspires others to work hard in  school. You'll usually find him tinkering on new electrical projects or practicing flips in the yard.

*Names changed to protect the identities of each child

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