Come join
The Family.

What is The Family?

The Family is a dedicated community of over 30 members (and counting) who are committed to giving monthly to support our on-going mission.

The Milele family wouldn't be complete without this team! Join today to help end the destructive cycle that has trapped street children for generations. Your monthly donation is the cornerstone for our programs to educate, transform, and reintegrate.


Students have unique needs. Milele works toward solutions that fit, whether the answer is university, trade school, or an apprenticeship.


Lasting change begins on the inside, which is why Milele Home connects students to professional counseling and spiritual mentors.


Kids need families. Your monthly support will help families reunite and form strong bonds.

Help us launch our Transitional Program.

We are so excited to launch a transitional program for teens and youths in Kitale. We need your help to make it happen!

What is the Transitional Program?
Why is it needed?
When will it launch?