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Hello there mr. sir. this is a tool tip i created for this.

April 12, 2020

International Day For Street Children

Every year on April 12 the world acknowledges the strength and resilience of millions of street children around the globe. It is a special day that provides a platform for these children and their champions to speak up in an effort to bring about positive change. This year Milele Home is using this day to launch a campaign to support our Transitional Program.

12 weeks of


The Milele Transitional Program will target the most neglected demographic of street children, those deemed “too-far-gone." Our program will provide 12 weeks of holistic care, including food, shelter, therapy, basic education, career counseling, trauma care, and discipleship. Graduates from the program will be ready to return to their families, begin school and/or start their careers. Will you support us in helping street youth heal, learn, and become change-agents in their families, communities, and the world?

If 1,200 people gave $12 we would be able to fully fund our Transitional Program for a year.
See what transformation looks like


Andrew is the world's best storyteller. He is kind, humble, and extremely hard working. Despite his background, Andrew exudes joy and relentlessly pursues his friendships, education, and dreams. Everyone wants to be friends with Andrew.


Kelvin is a natural leader. When the others are in need of advice or direction, Kelvin is who they look to. He humbly encourages and challenges others. He makes sure to look out for new students and take them under his wing. His broken family is being restored and healed day by day!


Jude's laugh is contagious and his physic experiments fill the house with awe. Even on holiday breaks Jude is studying until midnight. He inspires others to work hard in  school. You'll usually find him tinkering on new electrical projects or practicing flips in the yard.

$12 for 12 weeks Of transformation