At Milele, you are investing in lifelong transformation. In order for these students to steadily grow and thrive, together, we must remain constant for them. Your faithfulness empowers us to remain constant in the chaos.

With your help we can grow Team 180, our team of monthly supporters by 20 members!

"Kubaki mara kwa mara"

 As a monthly donor your consistent gift provides street youth with stability. You provide a constant source of security and safety for a youth who has experienced uncertainty and loss. Your monthly gift can have a deep and long-term effect on street youth.

Whether it be food, school, sleep, there is little to no consistency in their lives. Your faithful support can create this consistency as these youth become empowered young men.

 By becoming a member of Team 180 you partner with Milele to create sustainable and long lasting positive impact.

Together, we remain constant in the chaos.

This is what your faithful monthly gift could mean for a student at Milele.

Give NOw

After years on the streets Moses is rebuilding a relationship with his father after years of distance. He is thriving in secondary school and is an active volunteer in his church's children's ministry.

He is a leader at his school, in his friend group, and on his rugby team. He has dreams to become a lawyer! Moses is a physically healthy and emotionally stable young man because of the consistency and support of Team 180.

Help us reach our goal of 20 new Team 180 members!

New monthly donors

“It pains me to think that without Milele there would be nobody to advocate for these boys, and give them the opportunity to grow into men who are going to change the world. We give because we believe in these boys!”

- Team 180 member