Our Future

Everyday we are being told MORE. Do more, work more, buy more, make more happen. Not very often do we feel content where we are. There is always a need for more. I especially feel that with Milele Home. More children, more homes, more programs, more impact. In this case, it feels impossible to be content, because it’s being done for something good right?! This is where it could become dangerous. The Milele Home teams feels convicted to make sure we are operating in the most culturally appropriate way. We are committed to listening, learning, and practicing what we believe is the right way. So often we believe if someone isn’t operating the same way we operate, they are doing it wrong. That’s where it becomes dangerously messy when it comes to working in a different culture. We are committed to doing it the right way. Here’s the thing, we will never get it fully right. We will mess up, say dumb things, and make the wrong decision. I am not Kenyan, I do not live in Kenya, and there are SO many things I do not know. Yet, I promise to our donors, volunteers, staff, and most importantly our Milele students, we will work our hardest to operate out of cultural sensitivity.

With that being said, I have felt a nudging in my heart that is saying “be content”.

I'm humbled to share that we have had amazing success. Very rarely do older street children stay in school, and have the amount of change we have seen in our program. The Lord is good and has done amazing things in the past three years. We currently have 22 students in our program, who are doing quite amazing if I say so myself.

For years I have felt, do more, open more homes, help more children, connect with more families. These aren’t evil things AT ALL. But the Lord has told me, “learn, and learn a lot. What are the best practices? What do older street children really need? What will be sensitive to Kenyan culture? What does Kitale need? How can our Kenyan staff be more involved in decisions?” The Lord is telling me, “be content, Milele is amazing and good things are being done. Don’t rush ahead, learn before you jump into MORE.”

In the next few months, maybe even a year, we will be learning. We will be doing as much research, praying, listening, and learning as we can about the best practices for older street children. We believe we are meeting a great need with serving the older street children, but we have a lot to learn. We will continue to serve our current students and we are proud to give them the greatest chance at a quality education. Once the Lord gives us a vision for our future we will do MORE. For now, we learn and rest in contentment and providing the most quality counseling, education, and care for our incredible and determined twenty-two students. Join us in being content now so we can do much more than imagined later.