Meet the family.


Meet the Milele Home Family

See who makes Milele Home so special

Joel Juma

Kenya Country Director, House Dad
Joel has an amazing heart. He offers love and discipline through deep compassion and desire to see every student thrive. He makes each child feel confident, equipped, and he is a beautiful example of an earthly father.

Margaret Juma

Director, House Mom
One moment Margaret will be cooking and the next she will be playing volleyball with the boys. For many children, she is the "mom" they've never had, she is everyone's biggest cheerleader.

Beatrice tarus

Social Worker
Beatrice has known most of our students since they were living on the streets. She is diligent and extremely good at what she does! Beatrice is a natural entrepreneur and is always learning something new.

Grade 8


seems to know everyone in town, from the local business man to the little baby. When Dan walks around town it's like he's the mayor!


is our future scientist. You'll find him practicing flips or creating electromagnetic circuits and studying physics.

Grade 10


is our business man. He loans his small allowance to friends and makes them pay back with interest!

Grade 8

Grade 9


is the extremely humble and gentle. He is constantly encouraging or positively correcting the younger boys.


is a great athlete. He is as fast as lightening and is always the winner of the school races.

Grade 9

Moses SImiyu

is president of his school. He started a Bible study for his friends at school and they call him the "reverend."

Grade 9

Grade 8


is sweet and quiet. He loves soccer and is always trying to get his hands on soccer books or videos.


He is always laughing and we never can figure out if it is at us or with us.

Grade 7


can do just about anything, if the ugali needs to be stirred, he has the muscles to do it! He is a big boy with an even bigger heart.

Grade 8

Grade 7


is our future engineer. After a rough experience on the streets we are amazing at his persistence in school!


is either pulling pranks on people or chasing the chickens around the yard. He keeps our staff on their feet!

Grade 9


is our "baby." He's the youngest and his voice is high and raspy and we hope it never changes. He is constantly dancing or finding games to play.

Grade 4

Grade 8


is our tall, quite guy. He loves to observe and listen to everyone around him. He is gentle giant and kind to everyone around him.


has a ton of energy and we are always asking "where's Clinton?" since he is constantly chasing someone or something.

Grade 7


is the storyteller. He is nicknamed "grandfather" because he does everything at his own pace... very slowly.

Grade 9

Grade 6


is spunky to say the least. This boy is always speaking in different accents, making jokes, or waiting to jump out and scare you.


is our comedian. His mouth opens and everyone is laughing. He is always the designated soccer goalie because no one is better!

Grade 8



is our beautiful lady! She is an older sister to all the boys and dreams of becoming a journalist!

Grade 8


is the sweetheart of the group. He is a bit shy but is always willing to lend a helping hand to those around him.


has come so far from who he once was! He is an amazing soccer player and is always willing to try something new.

Grade 7


is always smiling unless there is a camera in sight-he will not crack a smile. He is a friend to everyone and is easy to be around!

Grade 8


asks a million questions about everything. He is extremely intelligent and is always reading or learning something new.

Grade 12