A Dream, Like Yours

There are more than 300,000 youth living on the streets of Kenya—many without a meal or a roof over their head.

One of them has a Dream, Like Yours.

Click to watch  Andrew’s story to see how Milele has empowered his Dreams.

We all have dreams...

We all have dreams. Like getting a Bachelors or Masters or Doctorate degree, starting a family, traveling the world, or becoming the best we can be.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. But for the millions of street youth impacted by poverty, starvation, violence and abuse, these dreams are nothing more than an idea. Milele exists to ensure these dreams don’t die on the streets.

Fund a Dream

There are so many other street kids just like Andrew.

You can empower them to achieve their dreams too.

I dream of being a

I dream of being a

I dream of being a Designer

Fund a Dream

These are young men that have big dreams, many just like yours. By donating to Milele you are contributing to the lifechanging programs that rescue, restore and empower these young men to fulfill their potential.  

Will you join the cause to awaken the dreams of street youth this December.

My dream for the boys at Milele home is that they will have healed from traumatic experiences and are ready to spread and impact love where they hadn't felt it before! Also, that they would be able to speak of the goodness of God fearlessly.

-  Sandra, Social Worker

That they would have different skills that would help them be self reliant in the future.

- Emily, House Mom

My dream for the boys at Milele is that all will be healed from trauma, be able to overcome substance addiction, be able to regain self confidence/esteem, and pursue their dreams and that they will become responsible fathers and members of their communities as they serve God and humanity.
- Margaret, Counseling Director

My dream for all boys at Milele is to see them grow holistically, physically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically so that they can impact their community, our nation and globally.

- Joel, Country Director

Our Dreams for Milele

Your generosity will support the mission of Milele in helping former street youth achieve their dreams. This year your financial generosity will go towards 3 initiatives...

Rescue more street youth

Land for Milele Home

Strengthening Families